How to contribute

Github account

To contribute to the website first you need to create a github account, if you already have one then skip to the next step, otherwise signup here

Fork the repository

In order to make changes you need to take a copy of the site into your own area on github, this is known as forking. To do this, go to the main Monday Night Skippys github repository and click “Fork”

Fork the Repository

Once you have created a fork it should be visible in your own github space and look something like this

View you forked the Repository

Make changes

The next step is to make some changes to the site. This example will cover updating a driver profile.

  • Click the _driverss folder, you should see a list of driver names, e.g.
  • Click the driver you want to update, for this example use
  • Click the edit icon: Edit

You should see something like this:

Edit file

Make changes to the file, and commit them to the master branch, add a useful short comment to describe what you changed.

Commit changes

Advanced: You could also commit to your own local branch, but for now use master

Continue making changes until you are ready to create a pull request to get the changes approved and live on the site.

Create a Pull Request

This is the last few click to contribute your changes to the website.

Go to the Pull Requests page of the main Monday Night Skippys page and click “New pull request”:

Pull Request

This will take you to a Compare Changes page, you will need to click “compare across forks” to make it look like this:

Compare Changes

Choose your fork from the “head fork” drop down, the default will be pointing at the main mondaynightskippys, change it to yours:

Head Fork

Leave the compare menu as master (unless you have followed the Advanced option and created your own branch). The page should update to display the changes you have made, e.g.:


Click the green “Create pull request” button and fill in any details that are relevant, if your pull request related to an issue then tag that in the description (use the tools on the toolbar), then you are ready, click the green “Create pull request” button again to submit it:

Create Pull Request

Congratulations! You have made your first contribution to the website!